Leo Weekly Horoscope

Dear Leo,

As we enter the 49th week of 2023, your focus turns towards your career and long-term goals. With the sun in Capricorn, you are determined to achieve your ambitions and be recognized for your hard work. It's important to stay focused and disciplined, even when the going gets tough.

On Monday, the 4th of December, the full moon in Taurus brings attention to your home and family life. You may find yourself feeling extra emotional and nostalgic during this time. Use this energy to connect with loved ones and create a sense of comfort and stability in your home.

As Mercury enters Sagittarius on Wednesday, the 6th of December, you may feel a surge of enthusiasm and optimism. This is a great time to take risks and pursue your passions. Don't be afraid to explore new opportunities and try something different.

The weekend of the 9th of December, the moon enters Leo, giving you a burst of confidence and creativity. Use this energy to express yourself and let your unique talents shine. You may even discover a newfound passion or hobby that brings you joy and fulfillment.

Overall, this week is all about harnessing your inner strength and determination to achieve your goals. With the support of the stars, you are unstoppable. Stay true to yourself and trust in your abilities, and you will surely succeed.

Best of luck, Leo!

Love and light,